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Fossa Chocolates x With Every Bouquet Set


Bouquet designs can be viewed here. Pictured are the 13" bouquet.

Spoil your special someone silly with the perfect pairing of flowers & chocolates this Valentine's! 

Fossa Chocolate is a homegrown artisanal bean-to-bar craft chocolate maker. They work very passionately to produce fine chocolate from scratch, with only two ingredients - cacao beans and cane sugar, focusing on and fully expressing the unique flavour that different cacao origins have to offer. All made in small batches, we love their single origin as well as uniquely created flavours, and we've picked our 4 favourites here! 

This Set includes: 

1. Valentine's Bouquet

2. Lychee Rose Dark Milk Chocolate

3. Pistachio Rose Cranberry Dark Milk Chocolate

4. Pisa, Haiti 68% Dark Chocolate

5. Alto Beni, Bolivia 85% Dark Chocolate