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  • Deliveries are made on Mondays
  • Flowers will always vary
  • Makes a meaningful gift to someone you love

Frequently Asked Questions

Jar return policy

Do we get to keep all the jars?

No, but you get to keep 1 free jar with each subscription package. To keep the cost of our package low and to minimize our carbon footprint, we collect the jars back during each subsequent delivery.

How does returning the jars work?

Your flowers will always be delivered to you in a glass jar. On the first delivery, no jars need to be returned. Collection will only begin on the second delivery where the first jar will be collected back, and on the third delivery, the second jar will be collected back and so on until the very last delivery, where you will get to keep the last jar.

Delivery arrangements

When is the delivery period?

Delivery will be made every Monday, between 10am to 7pm.

What happens if I am unable to receive the flowers?

In the occasion that the receiver is unavailable, flowers will be placed at the door-step. We will not be responsible in any lost/damage item. Please leave the previous jar to be returned at your doorstep for collection should you be unable to receive the flowers.

Do you deliver to my neighbourhood?

We deliver island wide within Singapore and Sentosa. However, certain far out areas will have additional delivery surcharge.

Is there a delivery fee?

All delivery fees are already included in the package price. There may be additional surcharge to far out places in Jurong Island, Tuas, Sentosa, Changi Airport and MBS.


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